Los-Alamos-Valles-CalderaI started this blog to coordinate my thinking among three projects upon which I am working.  Two non-fiction books and a YA novel.

The first project is a somewhat serious non-fiction work I call “Ego and the Problem of Death.”  Ego refers to our concept of self.  The problem is that many of us have adopted a concept of self that lacks sufficient dimension to allow us to wrap our heads around the problem of death.  This causes a lot of problems in life, especially the second half.  I analyze the problem from a bio-psycho-social perspective in light of recent developments in the fields of behavioral neurology and neuro-psychoanalysis.  It’s kind of a depressing book, because I submit that the brain has limits when it comes to understanding the self on a deep level.  But it’s to good purpose, I think.  The point is to force people out of delusional concepts about the nature of reality and the Self.  This is a necessary first step toward recovery; and by “recovery,” I mean everything from recovering from neurosis, to recovering from addiction, to recovering from one’s inordinate fear of death.

The second is a wildly speculative non-fiction book called “Gravity Waves of Love from Motown.”  This is an optimistic book, that takes the flip side of “Ego and the Problem of Death,” suggesting that the brain does have wiring that allows for spirituality.  That we have access to information about who or what we are, if we can just figure out how to get to it.  We’ll talk about art, music.  The drive to become closer to the Higher Power or Creative Principle.  We’ll talk about the near-death experience, and the relationship between that, and other transformative experiences.   (I may change the title, but I vow to you, I will use that title somewhere.)

The third is a young-adult novel called “A Pocket Full of Stones.”  This was originally a 1600-word short story I wrote for “Gravity Waves” to demonstrate the concept of narrative-as-hypercube.  With the idea being that a story, like a human, can exist on multiple levels at once.  The original plan was to write a coherent story that connected sex with death, just to see how many degrees of separation I would need.  I wound up with something that even I didn’t understand.  I would estimate I’ve written about 10,000 words of analysis just to try to understand my own story.  Which, I think proves my point.

All three books are about the precise same subject matter.  This blog is about the subject matter itself.  Just wanted to get it down, regardless of whether this project turns into two books, or one, or three, or none at all.

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