About me

Everybody calls me Dr. Dave.  I am a neurologist, currently practicing hospice medicine.

I trained at a program whose primary research interest is behavioral neurology.  This is the study of structure-function relationships in the brain as it pertains to human behavior.  The primary focus of research is cognition — language, reading, writing.  The ability to perceive objects in the environment, and understand their significance.  Memory.  Intention, which includes the ability to formulate the intent to do something we want to do, and likewise, the ability to formulate the intent not to do something we shouldn’t.

We are also starting to study things that have not traditionally been the domain of neurology.  Such as emotion.  Intelligence.  And mankind’s capacity for art.

Over the course of my career I have become interested in psychology and psychopharmacology.  With regard to the latter, I have also had some experience in the management of addictions; so I can claim at least some expertise as to the effect of both legal and illegal chemicals on the brain.  In each category, some chemicals are good, some are bad, and some are really bad.


My approach generally follows the bio-psycho-social model, which holds that all human behavior arises from the brain, the mind, or relationships within groups as small as a family, or as big as a culture.   These are not all separate things.  They might be separate job descriptions, but there’s not a bright line between them.  The same could be said for spirituality.